As a tip of the hat to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new LEGO Dimensions trailer.

The Starter Pack has a buildable Batman minifigure and 3-in-1 rebuildable Batmobile, as well as allowing players to customise their experience further when buying additional DC Comics expansion packs. Each pack (DC Comics Team Pack and Fun Packs) has extra gameplay, buildable characters, and vehicles and gadgets with special powers for in-game play.


The packs are as follows:

  • DC Comics Team Pack – The Joker and Harley Quinn – The Joker has Grappler, Target, Hazard and Electricity powers, while Harley Quinn has Acrobat and Super Strength abilities
    • The Joker’s Chopper and Harley’s Quinn-mobile are also available, which can be re-built into the Mischievous Missile Blaster and The Joker’s Lock ‘n Laser Jet or Quinn Ultra Racer and Missile Launcher
  • DC Comics Superman Fun Pack – Buildable Superman minifigure and Hover Pad. Superman has Flying, Dive, Invulnerability, Laser Deflector, Freeze Breath, X-Ray Vision, and Super Strength powers
  • DC Comics Wonder Woman Fun Pack – Buildable Wonder Woman minifigure and Invisible Jet. Wonder Woman has Grappling, Boomerang, Flying, Diving, Invulnerability, Mind Control, and Deflection abilities
  • DC Comics Aquaman Fun Pack – Buildable Aquaman minifigure and Aqua Watercraft. Aquaman has Dive, Growth, Atlantis and Hazard Cleaner powers
  • DC Comics Cyborg Fun Pack – Buildable Cyborg and Cyber-Guard mech. Cyborg has Laser Beam, Dive, Super Strength Target and Big Transform abilities

The Starter Pack, DC Comics Team Pack and Fun Packs are available now. Furthermore, the DC Comics Bane Fun Pack will be available on May 13.