Owners of The Escapists: The Walking Dead have some good news from Team17 and Skybound Entertainment; Survival Mode is available for free.

The new mode will put players up against herds of walkers, grunts and legends, over three levels based on The Walking Dead universe. The aim of Survival Mode is to live as long as you can against enemies in the Meriwether, Alexandria and Woodbury maps while playing as Tyreese, Abraham and Michonne.


New weapons and craftables are available, including the minigun, sniper rifle and revolver. There will also be 5 new achievements and new leaderboards for players to show off their skills.


For those that are members of Skybound Insider, extra free content will be available on PC, allowing players to obtain the Stun Gun and experience life as walker versions of Abraham, Michonne and Tyreese.



The update is available now, for those that own The Escapists: The Walking Dead on Xbox One and PC.