11 video game soundtracks have placed in the Classic FM’s Top 300 Hall of Fame.

Jessica Curry’s Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture debuted at #268, while Austin Wintory’s Journey score re-entered the chart at #221. The Shenmue soundtrack was the chart’s highest new entry, breaking in at #144.

Nobuo Uematsu’s music for the Final Fantasy series remains in the Top 20 for the fifth consecutive year at #17, while Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura remains the highest placed female composer in the whole chart at #31.

Here are the positions of all the video game scores in the chart:

#272, Viva Pinata, Grant Kirkhope
#269, World of Warcraft, Russell Brower et al.
#268, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Jessica Curry
#221, Journey, Austin Wintory
#144, Shenmue, Yuzo Koshiro & Ryuji Iuchi,
#135, The Legend of Zelda, Koji Kondo
#126, Blue Dragon, Nobuo Uematsu
#120, The Elder Scrolls, Jeremy Soule
#98, Banjo Kazooie, Grant Kirkhope
#31, Kingdom Hearts, Yoko Shimomura
#17, Final Fantasy, Nobuo Uematsu

If you’d like to hear more video game music on the radio, the next video game special is this Saturday, April 2, 2016,  on Classic FM at 5pm BST.