Last week, I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful fan gathering, thrown by the guys over at Final Fantasy UK Fans. With Theatrhythm tournaments, pub quizzes, and all the hype for Final Fantasy XV, I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful time!


Despite the (numerous) train delays and cancellations, I wasn’t too horrendously late, and appeared just in time for the pub quiz. Considering the last time I did one of these, I was so useless I dubbed myself team mascot in an attempt to be useful, and didn’t know the main guy’s name from The Spirits Within, so answered “Commander Shepherd,” instead, this was going to be entertaining.



We were Team Iron Giant, and very quickly realised that the bulk of our knowledge ranged from the games VII and upwards, which of course came back to bite us when a lot of the questions were about the more obscure aspects of the older games. No matter, though – I managed to guess the right name of the gemstone, even if it being a ruby was a complete fluke.

We did slightly better on the music round, and actually managed to name a lot of the FF XIV classes, which was nice. Though the true shout out has to go to Team Giant Bomb, who got a staggering 21 out of 23 right.

085 086

The venue we were at was beautiful, too – the London Irish Centre, which was much bigger than the place for the last meet up. This meant we had a lot more space to spread out and socialise without tripping over each other, and see some of the gorgeous decorations. Most of the things in the first photo are artworks for various games, and some of them were even signed. The one on the far left was a signed program for a past Distant Worlds concert (which was amazing and I can highly recommend), which was so cool to see.

After that, we had a Q and A from Hollie Bennett and Dan Seto, followed by the super secret FF XV segment they had mentioned earlier. In case you weren’t aware, this fan gathering was an event for the UK lot, since the Uncovered event on the 30th is US only. Since a lot of us weren’t going to be able to attend that, we had our own little party instead. Admittedly, we weren’t going to get the release date any earlier, but we still got to see some pretty amazing stuff.

We had a voice message from a few actors, including Robbie Daymond, Orion Acaba, and Georgia van Cuylenburg, as well as a video from the FF XV team themselves, thanking us for being excited and telling us to look forward to the Uncovered event in the upcoming weeks, which did nothing to slow down the hype train. They also showed us the inspiration behind some of the summons for the new game, giving us a glimpse of some models and skulls that were used to design Leviathan.  After that came the prizes for the winners of the Theatrhythm, cosplay, and Smash Bros tournament, where some were lucky enough to win a PS4! Although I admittedly wouldn’t envy them trying to get it home afterwards…

type 0

Though we did have a bit of a worry thanks to awful transport disruptions, Bryce Hitchcock, the voice of Deuce from Final Fantasy Type-0 managed to arrive in the nick of time. I managed to get my gorgeous copy of Type-0 signed, and I’d like to be able to add to the collection in the future – there’s a lot of empty space for signatures, after all. Finally, the raffle rolled around, and for some reason, I always have a scary amount of luck with these things. I lucked out and won an adorable Terra keychain and a Cecil Play Arts, both of whom thankfully survived the journey back, to take his place next to Balthier and Vaan:

088 090

All in all, it was a wonderful day for everyone involved – I have to give a massive shout out to all who organised it, including Hollie, Dan, Tomas, Lauren and Darryl over at Final Fantasy Union, Chris and Sunil for making all this possible, making extra sure us UK lot didn’t feel they were missing out. We’re truly lucky to have all of you!


Me, Lauren, Darryl and little Ali cameoing!


Please be excited!

 Since we’re such a few short days away from learning when we’ll finally get our hands on Final Fantasy XV, we’re moving into a new age of gaming. And I for one can hardly wait.



If you look reaallly closely, mine’s the pink writing under the phoenix!