To continue from Destiny: The Taken King Update 2.2.0 announcement from last week, Bungie have some more information on what is to come, and this time it’s about how players are going to be rewarded.


All high-level activities will yield new and updated powerful gear, along with infused gear gaining the Light of the consumed item.

A new feature, named Chroma, can be applied to gear, allowing Guardians to be more customisable than before.


New Taken-themed gear will be available to earn, and when players have the full Desolate Armor set a new emote will be awarded, named “Shiver”.


The Chroma and Taken-themed gear can be obtained by finding Sterling Treasures. Each week, players can collect three Sterling Treasures by three methods; by visiting the Postmaster after the weekly reset, completing one Level 41 Prison of Elders activity and completing one match in the Weekly Crucible Playlist. For those that want more Sterling Treasures, players can visit Tess Everis in the Eververse Trading Company stores to purchase them.

Finally, Faction gear will be updated to have Chroma-enabled versions available for the Legendary armor sets for up to 330 Light and Prison of Elders Legendary Gear will be Chroma-enabled and drop for up to 335 Light in Challenge of the Elders.
Destiny: The Taken King Update 2.2.0 will be available on April 12.