The free Ghosts of Meridian downloadable content contains a whole mix of goodies for players. There are two new maps; Skirmish at Darkstar for Warzone and Tyrant for Arena, as well as new weapons, vehicles and visual customisations. The new weapon, Tartarus’ Gavel, is a legendary gravity hammer that releases kinetic explosions which batter enemies into a pulp. The Mantis and Scorpion will receive new Hannibal customisations, also. As well as all this new content, improvements and fixes will be included in the update, which has been influenced by player feedback.


Furthermore, the Warzone Firefight is due to come out later this summer, but not before showing fans what is to come via a beta! The beta will have the Escape from A.R.C map, and up to eight players will use the Halo 5: Guardians REQ System to their advantage, finishing five rounds of objectives, each harder than the last.


A new promotional REQ pack will be available from Thursday 14th April to Thursday 21st April, containing ten Mythic single-use power weapon REQs and an Ultra Rare or Legendary weapon of vehicle certification.

The Warzone Firefight beta will run from 6pm on Thursday 14th April until 6pm on Monday 18th April and the Ghosts of Meridian free DLC is available now.