The Coalition dropped a new teaser for Gears of War 4.

Dubbed “Tomorrow”, it serves as a bridge between two generations of the Fenix family and features a foreboding glimpse of the new menace that awaits.

At the conclusion of Gears of War 3, Marcus Fenix wondered what tomorrow would bring. This is the story of two tomorrows: the one Marcus envisioned without war, and the one 25 years later, where all hope is shattered as a new nightmare is reborn.


With Gears of War 4, The Coalition brings the franchise back to the dark, mysterious and intense tone of the original classic. And don’t forget about next week’s beta for those who played Gears of War Ultimate Edition while on April 24th, all qualifying Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One will be invited to join the beta.

While you patiently wait for next week’s beta, check out the Dropshop Headshot.

Gears of War 4 is currently set to release worldwide on October 11th for Xbox One.