Title: Shred It!
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Xbox One (reviewed)
Developer: Extra Mile Studios
Publisher: Extra Mile Studios
Release date: Out now
tl;dr: Why does this exist on console?
Price?: $9,99 / £7.99
Family Focus: Click here for more information.

Shred It! is another game ported from mobile to console, and it’s an endless runner where players collect leaves and snowflakes. All of this collecting is often interrupted by performing tricks through hoops. As in real life, slopes are filled with obstacles players need to avoid. One of the best ways I can think of a way to describe it? Imagine if Super Mario Bros. featured snowboarding and had players collecting leaves and snowflakes instead of coins.


The game features three game modes:

  • Endless Run Mode
  • Challenge Checkpoint Mode
  • Chill Session

Endless Run Mode is the meat of the game. Players slide through an ever-changing slope where they need to pick up leaves and snowflakes in order to obtain the high score. As a throwback to classic platformer games, players start off with a single life, meaning when hitting an obstacle, players are then faced with a Continue screen. Of course, players can also come across additional lives through the track. Once players have expired their lives and continues, it’s game over. A nice change from games like SSX where, after crashing, the player is immediately back on the slope. As player’s progress through the track, it becomes progressively harder with more obstacles thrown their way.


As the name implies, the second mode, Challenge Checkpoint Mode requires players to make it to the next checkpoint before the timer ends. There are a few ways that players can extend their time ensuring they make it to the next checkpoint. Picking ten leaves and pulling off tricks through the hoops will reward players with an additional five seconds added to the clock. As with the previous mode, avoiding obstacles is vital, as it will cost players precious seconds. Run out of time, and it’s game over.

And finally, Chill Session is pretty much the same thing as Endless Run Mode, except there’s no failing. If players crash and burn, they just keep going. Simply unplug your brain and snowboard down the slope for fun.


I’m pretty much disappointed that this game doesn’t at least feature a competitive race mode. Even without having to resort to “brutal,” lengths such as in SSX games where players can punch their opponents, a nice, friendly race mode could’ve gone a long way and provided many more hours of gameplay. Unfortunately, like its presentation, the content is pretty paper thin.

Collected leaves and snowflakes are also used to unlock new characters and items, and thus encourage replayabaility. After a set amount of collected leaves/snowflakes, as it varies from one unlockable to another, players will have new characters to use, with their unique skills, and more items to customize their characters such as new outfit or snowboard. It gives a reason for players to keep coming back for more, but it does get tedious and repetitive quite quickly.


The game’s strongest point is easily the presentation. The visuals look like they’re all made from paper, which gives the game a unique and cute look. While on the audio side of things, the soundtrack is definitely the most soothing music I’ve heard in a long time.

The problem I have with mobile games ported to console is that it features little to no gameplay content. Not that Shred It! isn’t fun; it can be fun in short bursts and would feel much more appropriate to play on a mobile device. It just feels empty. Granted, it’s the ideal game you can boot up and relax, just don’t expect to lengthy play sessions. And it’s definitely not worth 10$. Why boot up a console when you can just click an icon on your phone and play instantly?

The Good

  • Unique paper visuals
  • Soothing soundtrack
  • Easy to pick up and play

The Bad

  • Paperthin content
  • No Race mode

Family Focus

Shred It! is ideal for everyone in your family. The cute look of it and its simplicity will appeal to young gamers while its soothing nature is sure to appease older gamers after a long day of work.

Code provided courtesy of Xbox UK