Almost 16 years ago, Final Fantasy IX was released and won the hearts of many – the game still, to this day, is one of the highest rated Final Fantasy games. In February of this year, Final Fantasy IX was re-released on mobile and now Square Enix have finally pushed the button we have all been waiting for and released the game on PC.


The new and improved version includes:

  • Steam trading cards
  • HD movies and character models
  • Cloud save feature, so players aren’t limited to one device
  • Auto-save
  • Seven (optional) gameplay boosters, including high-speed mode and no encounter mode


Those that have played the game before can re-live the touching moments in this beautiful game, and new players can learn more about some of the most vivid characters in the franchise. Even Tetra Master, the card-based mini-game has had a face-lift!

Final Fantasy IX can be purchased via Steam at a discounted price of £12.79 / €16.79 until 20th April, and then at a regular price of £15.99 / €20.99.