sailor_moon_drops_1Good news for all the Sailor Moon fans out there – Sailor Moon Drops is now available for iOS and Android (in the Americas, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia)!

Sailor Moon Drops is a puzzle matching game based on the storyline from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and includes characters from the series. Gems can be matched in rows and columns of three or more, and the more complicated the shape, the better the outcome.


sailor_moon_drops_2Players will travel through Tokyo as Sailor Moon, while unlocking other Sailor Guardians, all of which have their own special powers to use in the levels. Iconic villains such as Queen Beryl and Jadeite show their faces, and players must defeat them to progress. Players are rewarded for their efforts with wallpaper images for their smartphones!

Come together, Sailor Guardians, for evil approaches and Tokyo must be saved! Moon Prism Power!