Want to experience the newest Monster Hunter in style? Good news for you: Monster Hunter Generation and New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition are launching on the same day – July 15, 2016.

Exclusively for Nintendo 3DS family systems, players will get the chance to experience the newest iteration in the Monster Hunter series with the gorgeous New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition. It’s a striking red colour, and has artwork of the Fated Four on the console itself. It also comes with Monster Hunter Generations pre-installed on a 4GB microSD card, and players’ enjoyment will only be enhanced by using the C stick that you’ll only get with the New 3DS systems.

Interestingly, Generations is the most accessible title for newcomers. There’s a new mode called Prowler, where you can control one of the Felyne characters, letting newbies get into hunting and gathering straight away without being overwhelmed. Prowlers have simplified mechanics for gathering as well as unique attacks and combos, making this a great tutorial mode for anyone who needs it. Plus, any single or multiplayer quests can be completed in Prowler mode, so players of all levels can hunt and enjoy the game together.

Generations lets players take on a variety of monsters in over twenty new locations, either in solo, local, or online multiplayer modes. By gathering items, players can craft more powerful armour and weapons, letting you take on more powerful beasts and quests. With the choice of four different Hunting Styles and equippable Hunter Arts moves, Generations is the most customisable Monster Hunter title yet.

And if you can’t wait until July, there will be a playable demo released on the eShop in the near future, so watch this space!