EMTEC are showing the GEM Box (Game Entertainment Multimedia) Microconsole at E3 2016! This $99 console provides a hassle free, instant way to access AAA and casual titles/media libraries through GameFly Streaming, Android Gaming via Google Play, and PC mirroring.

It’ll be shown off from June 14 – 16, at the Devolver Digital “Parking Lot of Dreams and Awesomeness,” across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Centre. It’ll be available this summer for $99, including the microconsole, the Bluetooth gaming controller, and a one-month subscription to the GameFly Streaming service. It also comes with four Gameloft games pre-installed, and will support up to four Bluetooth controllers to allow multiplayer, while a gyroscopic remote control with a physical QWERTY keyboard for motion-based gaming and media playback will be available separately.

The UI has been built from the ground up for streamline control, including an intuitive virtual keyboard for typing and web browsing via the gamepad. Powered by Gigabyte Technology’s award winning motherboard and graphic chipset configurations, you can be confident of the quality, durability, and performance of the GEM Box.



“Our motto is ‘technology made for life,’ and the GEM Box truly exemplifies this belief. It packs a great deal of entertainment options into a tiny package, giving everyone from parents to core gamers the flexibility to forget about tech limitations and just have fun together,” said Nathalie Lamri, Marketing Director at EMTEC. “EMTEC has been in the hardware business for over 75 years, and we’re thrilled to be exhibiting at E3 for the very first time!”

The GEM box brings games straight from the cloud to your living room, from kid-friendly casual games to polished AAA fare, without the cost or complexity of a standard console. GameFly streaming has HD graphics and hit titles from publishers such as Bandai Namco, Capcom, Codemasters and Warner Bros. Interactive. The flexible, subscription-based service allows players instant access to games such as Tomb Raider, LEGO, Batman Arkham, Hitman, Tekken, Borderlands, Saint’s Row, BlazBlue, Sleeping Dogs, Alan Wake, Red Faction, F.E.A.R. and more.

With PC mirroring via GEM Stream, players can use the GEM Box as a hub to stream their entire PC game library to any monitor in the house. Plus, the exclusive GEM Store is run by EMTEC, and rotates each month, featuring selected games Android games that are optimised for things like gamepad play, and sorted by genre (Action, Racing, Horror, RPG, etc). They also come with parental controls and password protection to ensure parents can choose what is suitable for their children. And with millions of cheap or free games available on Google Play, you’re going to have a lot to keep you going!

As well as gaming, the GEM box grants access to millions of Android apps, media services, and entertainment apps, some being YouTube, Pandora and Spotify. You can enjoy your entire library of movies, music, and TV shows from the Google Play store, or your own personal content via USB connection or a microSD port. Mobile devices can stream directly to the any screen via the GEM Box using built-in Miracast technology, making it quick and simple to share photos and videos.

Sound interesting? Keep your eyes peeled for their booth at E3 this year, where we hopefully might see a release date.