Bandai Namco has released a handful of new screens along with additional details revealing new characters for the next chapter of the Tales Of franchise.

Oscar Dragonia is serious in his work but he shows great hostility towards daemons while his elder half-sister, Teresa Linares, is called the ‘Frozen Queen’ because she carries out her duties without emotion.

Meanwhile in the story, Velvet meets Dyle, a lizard daemon who was a member of the shipping guild who has transgressed and experienced the onset of daemonblight. He is now being chased by the Abbey.


Additionally, the publisher has revealed a new attack type to be featured in the Linear Motion Battle System: Mystic Artes are powerful special attacks that cause huge damage to enemies with an impressive cut-in animation.

Players can also strengthen a character to activate new and hidden skills as the game progresses. There are lots of different effects that skills can have on a character, with three types of equipment skills that can be activated: MasterSkill, Enhancing Bonus and Random Skill.

Tales Of Berseria is currently on track for an early 2017 rleease for PC and PS4.