Video game publisher Rising Star Games announced that Lumo will finally be made available next week. Lumo is a modern take on the classic isometric-styled platform adventures that were highly popular in the formative golden years of video gaming.


A contemporary take on the isometric platform genre, Lumo can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an absorbing, challenging, and rewarding adventure. For those who lived through the golden age of video games (the ‘80s and early ‘90s) or know about the games and culture from that time, there are layer upon layer of nods and winks to be discovered. The game features over 400 rooms across four distinct zones, six hidden mini-games and all kinds of wonders to uncover.

Lumo will release one week from today on May 24 for Linux, Mac, PC, PS4 and PS Vita. Cross-save is available between the PS4 and PS Vita versions. The Xbox One version is currently scheduled for a June release.