Patch day is a very big day for all of FFXIV’s adventurers in the grand world of Eorzea.  June 7 for Patch 3.3, Revenge of the Horde, is going to be a rather special day indeed.

I remember one night where I was online the night before a patch was set to go live. Scores of players converged on Revenant’s Toll, where adventurers visit to collect high-end gear at the time. The patch in particular would open up a new area within Revenant’s Toll, so everyone milled around the entrance to that same area.

The clock struck the hour, and one by one players were sequentially booted off to clear the server for maintenance. It became a miniature version of the Hunger Games where weapons and murder were replaced with minions and emotes. A game played out to see who would be the last adventurer standing. Of course, the only person that won is the only person that knows. Did I win? Hell no.

June 6 will most likely create similar scenarios as patch 3.3 hits FFXIV’s servers on June 7. With new story quests, dungeons, trials, a new alliance raid and even a new set of beast tribe quests (featuring good ol’ Moogles), this patch will almost certainly occupy a large chunk of my free time until every single inch has been explored.


Earth, it’s been good knowin’ ya. I guess it’s time for a wee holiday in Eorzea.

(FYI, if you’ve yet to try FFXIV and fancy giving it a go big style, the new patch will increase the level cap that can be hit during the trial period. You can try out FFXIV free for 14 days and reach a maximum level of 35 out of 60. I became a proper subscriber after around level 25, so there’ll be plenty more goodies to enjoy for free whilst you decide if you fancy taking the plunge.)