Title said it all, folks – more info about Final Fantasy XV, headed your way!

To kick off, new character art:


Crowe Altius (クロウ・アルティウス): “Crowe grew up an orphan on the outskirts of Lucis. Her rare gift for sorcery earned her a place in the Kingsglaive, and she considers her fellow soldiers her family.”


Drautos (ドラットー (ドラットー将軍)): “As captain of the Kingsglaive, Drautos holds his soldiers to the same unforgiving high standards to which he holds himself, and his respect can only be earned with blood, sweat, and tears. Drautos trained Nyx in the art of combat.”


Libertus Ostium (リベルト・オスティウム): “Growing up alongside Nyx, Libertus was always the outgoing and cheerful one, but when the situation turns serious, he can let his emotions get the better of him.”


Luche Lazarus (ルーチェ・ラザロ): “Luche’s intellect has established him as a leader among the glaives, and his opinions carry the weight of his comrades’ trust and respect.”


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (ルナフレーナ・ノックス・フル): “Before accepting the sacred charge of the Oracle, Lunafreya was born princess of Tenebrae, where as a girl she forged a bond with Prince Noctis, now her betrothed. Though she was to meet her fiancé in Altissia, circumstances carry her into the crown city ahead of the peace signing.”


Nyx Ulric (ニックス ウリック): “Saved by King Regis as a child, Nyx repays the debt by serving the Kingsglaive with distinction. His affinity for the royal magic and epic exploits in combat have earned him the moniker of “hero” among his peers.”

There’s also a bio for Regis, but no new artwork:

Regis Lucis Caelum (レギス・ルシス・チェラム): “Merciful and wise, King Regis garners the adulation of his people for all he has done for Lucis. After his son, Prince Noctis, sets forth from the crown city, the king turns his attention to forging a peace between his kingdom and the Empire of Niflheim.”

As for the screenshots… all I can say is that it’s getting harder and harder to tell between fantasy and reality any more:

FFXV_Screenshot_Drautos01_27052016_1464364333 FFXV_Screenshot_Drautos02_27052016_1464364333 FFXV_Screenshot_kingsglaive01_27052016_1464364333 FFXV_Screenshot_kingsglaive02_27052016_1464364334 FFXV_Screenshot_kingsglaive03_27052016_1464364334 FFXV_Screenshot_Libertus01_27052016_1464364335 FFXV_Screenshot_Libertus02_27052016_1464364335 FFXV_Screenshot_Luche01_27052016_1464364335 FFXV_Screenshot_Luche02_27052016_1464364336 FFXV_Screenshot_nyx01_27052016_1464364336 FFXV_Screenshot_nyx02_27052016_1464364337 FFXV_Screenshot_nyx03_27052016_1464364337 FFXV_Screenshot_nyx04_27052016_1464364337 FFXV_Screenshot_runa_nyx01_27052016_1464364338 FFXV_Screenshot_battle01_27052016_1464364330 FFXV_Screenshot_battle02_27052016_1464364331 FFXV_Screenshot_battle03_27052016_1464364331 FFXV_Screenshot_battle04_27052016_1464364331 FFXV_Screenshot_battle05_27052016_1464364332 FFXV_Screenshot_battle06_27052016_1464364332 FFXV_Screenshot_crowe01_27052016_1464364332

Final Fantasy XV is out on September 30, 2016, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.