To celebrate the the 30th anniversary of the beloved Dragon Quest franchise, Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Builders will arrive in Europe and PAL territories in October 2016.

Players will be able to use their creativity to build a variety of unique tools from the materials they gather, and rebuild towns and cities to restore life to the shattered world of Alefgard– a human realm destroyed and plunged into darkness by the menacing ruler of the monsters, the Dragonlord.

Here’s a story synopsis:

Generations ago, the realm of Alefgard was plunged into darkness when the hero fated to slay the terrible and treacherous Dragonlord, the ruler of all monsters, was instead tricked into joining him. Through this vile villain’s magical machinations, mankind was scattered to the winds and robbed of the power to build. With even the idea of creativity relegated to mere legend, the people of Alefgard wander the ruins of their former home, scrounging and scavenging in the dust to survive. But now, a legendary figure arises – a hero chosen by the Goddess herself – who sets out to return the power of creation to the people of Alefgard. Only when the wonder of imagination has been returned to the land will mankind be able to overthrow the evil Dragonlord once and for all!


Dragon Quest Builders lets players onstruct a wide variety of structures as they receive requests from expectant citizens eager to find a new home. Explore with the freedom of sandbox gameplay, combined with an immersive and charming story. Players will battle iconic Dragon Quest monsters and interact with gorgeously designed 3D characters along the way.

Additionally, Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below is currently on sale on Steam for £26.79 / €33.49 (regular price £39.99 / €49.99) until Tuesday 31st May.

Dragon Quest Builders will release sometime in October in Europe and PAL territories for PS4 and PS Vita (digital only).