Red Thread Games have announced that the final episode for Dreamfall: Chapters will release June 17- Friday, this week:

After a year and a half of Chapters releasing episodically and three years since the Kickstarter campaign for Chapters began, this end has been a long time coming.

Moreover, this final chapter could mark the last venture into the Dreamfall/ Longest Journey universe- which first started with The Longest Journey in 1999.

Throughout the Chapters Kickstarter campaign, the possibility of a direct sequel to the original game named The Longest Journey Home was teased as a stretch goal- which they didn’t reach. Now, it looks like The Longest Journey Home might never arrive and, if it will, it’ll be a while:

The new trailer attached to the release date announcement is more or less a mix of old scenes from Chapters:

If you want to go back and play the previous chapters, you might be pleased to hear that they’ve been re-tweaked and brought to Unity 5. Also, the developers have said that the game will be coming to console at a later date.