Layers of Fear developer, Bloober Team, have released two trailers for their new PC horror game, Observer.

Now, Layers of Fear was the quite good horror game that released earlier this year. In our review, Carly referred to it as “brilliant horror that scared the crap out of me”. So, their new game is probably worth keeping an eye on.

The tag-line for Observer is, “What would you do if your fears got hacked and used against you?”

In it, you play as Dan- a Polish police officer- who has a device that enables him to delve into people’s minds and memories. The events of the game will lead him to do the forbidden and dig into the minds of the deceased who have been driven mad by fear and mangled by body augmentations.

Likely, the game won’t be much of a tonal departure from Layers as Bloober write that their aim is to create horror games that are “more subtle, focusing on the atmosphere and the environment, rather than survival and shooter mechanics”.

That’s all we really know at the moment.

Oh, and Observer is stylized as ‘observer_’. Just fyi.