We have a wealth of new FF XV news for all you guys, hailing from the Day 0 edition of the Active Time report with Hajime Tabata.

First up, we have a new trailer for the Kingsglaive movie, complete with actual British voice actors! This one shows off a bit more of Ardyn, and gives Lunafreya some lines… this movie can’t come out soon enough, and I would sell my soul for a UK cinema release.

Then there’s a teaser for the second episode of the Brotherhood anime, which is some childhood flashbacks and revealing just how adorable the entire cast was. You can watch all the episodes online for free, and episode 2 is up on the Final Fantasy XV Youtube channel right now!

There’s also yesterday’s E3 trailer, in case you missed it, featuring… Afrojack?

Tabata also said that more information will be revealed during two more livestreams on their channel – one of which, at time of writing, is going on right now, and the other will be on Wednesday, June 15 at 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PST – so that’s 18:00 GMT for all you UK lot.

Keep an eye out this week – there should be more Square Enix news on the way.