As with every E3 is recent years, Sony came closed the conferences with a huge bang. Announcing a plethora of different titles, ensuring it has a line-up of premiere content for the PlayStation 4 for the next few years.

Players can expect to get their hands on such titles as God of War, a reimagining of the original game, set in a norse world, the new gameplay style brings the series to a more grown up environment. Sony bend have been quiet since the launch of Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the Vita in 2011, but with the unveiling of their PS4 title, Days Gone, it proves that the hard work has gone a long way; this open world survival game will see the player battle hordes of infected while keeping their wits about them to survive in this brutal world.

Days Gone

The debut of Spider-Man for PS4 will introduce players to an authentic new Spider-Man story and universe being developed through a close collaboration between Insomniac Games and Marvel.

Other titles included the highly-anticipated titles Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, and The Last Guardian. Sony also announced that The Last Guardian will launch on October 25, 2016. A huge surprise for gamers was the announcement of Sony working closely with Activision to bring Crash Bandicoot back to the PlayStation 4, revealing that the first three games would be remade for the new generation.


PlayStation VR was also on stage in a big way, proving that it’s here to stay. You can find all information on the headset and when it will be coming HERE, where Steven has all the details.

Of course the main spectacle of the show was the reveal of Hideo Kojima’s new title. Not only was a new trailer shown for it, but the man himself was treated like royalty as he was given a huge entrance to the stage, one that fans around the world were so pleased to see, since this was his first public appearance for almost a year.

death stranding

Additional featured partner titles shown during the conference include LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, and Final Fantasy XV. Players can download a teaser demo for Resident Evil 7 now from the PlayStation Store and get a taste of the frightful horror direction Capcom is taking with this title; in hopes of bringing the original appeal of the series back.

It’s another huge year for gaming once again, and as everything moves to new territories with VR it’s going to be interesting where the gaming word goes next. Be sure to keep checking back all this week for everything coming out of E3.