Focus Home Interactive and developer Deck13 have release The Surge’s E3 trailer. This newest video introduces to a dystopian world based on a worst case scenario for Earth.

This upcoming sci-fi Action RPG will have players slicing and dismembering their way deeper and deeper into CREO, an institution developed to save the world, but with disastrous consequences. Fronted by Jonah Guttenberg, CREO sets out to reverse the detrimental atmospheric effects of global warming, firstly by repairing our damaged atmosphere, but as their ambitions grew and their plans began to fail, CREO set out to save itself.


Members of CREO’s workforce are fitted with expandable, powered exo-suits supplying the employee with both power and super-human strength. They are also able to attach new practical tool extensions to the exoskeleton. Something in CREO went horribly wrong, and players as the game’s protagonist must use their exo-suit and a plethora of make-shift weapons and armor upgrades to survive.

The Surge is currently slated for a 2017 release for PC and current-gen consoles.