If you ever played more than a good bit of StarCraft 2, you’ll know all too well about the oft disguised Matchmaking Rating. This number is a rating of your skill level: the more games you win, the higher your rating.

Until now, you had to use a tracker app to make estimates on what your MMR could be. What’s more, it was a bit of a mystery on how far you were from either progressing up a league (i.e. moving from Gold to Platinum) or potentially dropping back.

This upcoming revamp to ranked play in StarCraft 2 is a bit of a big deal, as MMR will now be visible.

In addition, the leagues are split into three tiers ranked from 1-3. This is also intended to help give a better picture on whether you’re say a top Gold League player or someone who’s just been promoted.

League promotion points will also be visible in the match summary, so you’ll know exactly how far away you are from promotion. You’ll also see what the MMR rating is of the person you just fought. Hopefully that will help eradicate any spurious matchmaking that used to sometimes happen. I remember once being matched against a Master League player when I was sitting in Gold League. I’m sure you can probably guess how that went down.

I’ve personally not played a StarCraft game in ages. These changes are actually tempting me to jump back into the ladder. Have they tempted you?