New characters and features have been unveiled on the official Tales of Blog; new characters, Mystic Artes, and the return of the Cooking System.×1024.jpg

Shigure Rangetsu and Melchior are legates from the Abbey; Shigure has a freewheeling attitude, yet has proven his worth through the battles he’s been in. Melchior, on the other hand, is an elder who knows a lot about the ancient legends and alchemy, his determination giving him strength through difficult times.

Mystic Artes, on the other hand, are powerful special attacks that you execute by using the Blast Gauge, dealing a ton of damage with unique animations. Cooking is also back, where you can discover new recipes from all around the game world, then cook to restore HP and gain various effects. Each character has their own Cooking skill, and you can increase these by levelling said skill.

Tales of Beseria will be available in early 2017, for the PS4 and digitally via Steam.