Serbian game developer Ebb Software has revealed Scorn. This new FPS horror game features an uncomfortable creep through an oozing world of organic otherworldly horror. The game is currently scheduled for a 2017 release, however players can check it out today via Steam Greenlight.

The first person gameplay mixes gunplay and puzzle solving, with the environment and the creatures it disgorges doing their utmost to confound your progress. That’s not to say every inhabitant you meet wants to eviscerate you; many don’t care about you, but catch them in a bad mood and they’ll be coming for you.

All the storytelling happens in-game with no cut-scenes. But keep your eyes open; blink and you might miss something important. Everything has a reason and purpose.

“We are trying to create something so unsettling it will make you think about the ideas and themes of the game long after you’ve finished playing,” said Ebb Software’s Ljubomir Peklar.

The environments are entirely handcrafted, firmly bucking the procedural trend, while its storytelling through gameplay, non-linear narrative, and puzzles on a grand scale turn this unsettling game into an impressionistic horror show of impressive scope and imagination.

To help the team at Ebb Software manage the massive scope of development, they are planning to release it in two parts, with the first part entitled “Dasein” coming in 2017.