Welcome to a new edition of GGS’ Let’s Play videos. This time around, I’ll be doing another run of Mega Man 4 on PS4. I wasn’t happy with my previous run, which unfortunately has been flushed out of my Twitch account (looks like it saves them for a limited time). Nevertheless, on my previous run I got screwed by a glitch in Bright Man’s stage and Wiley’s first boss squashed me like a bug.

This new run was a bit more successful, still got screwed by Bright Man’s stage (seriously need to work on this), but otherwise, I was happy how this one turned out. Also, although I changed the title, Twitch saved it under my previous Dead Island stream for some reason.

By bringing these videos, I hope you can laugh, enjoy or even learn a few tricks. So without further ado, here’s my new Mega Man 4 run: