Prepare for the greatest hunt yet with Monster Hunter™ Generations, available today both physically and digitally for all systems in the Nintendo 3DS family. Also launching today is the New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition which across Europe comes with a pre-installed version of the game on a 4GB microSD card. The console bundle comes in a striking red colour and features artwork of the game’s Fated Four monsters.


In this latest Monster Hunter players will start by joining the Wycademy, a group who focus on researching and studying monsters. By defeating a variety of increasingly fearsome creatures, players will soon face the mighty Fated Four. These epic new beasts are terrorizing the four villages within the game, which players will need to defend.

New to Monster Hunter Generations is “Prowler” mode where, previously only available as AI support, customisable Felyne partners called “Palicoes” are now playable with their own unique gameplay mechanics, gear, questlines and rewards. This makes for the perfect entry to the series for all newcomers and offers a different take on the traditional hunt for fans of the series. Hundreds of quests and challenges await for the most skilled of hunters, fuelling countless hours of play with bountiful resources to customise weapons and equipment. These quests can be tackled in either the solo adventure or numerous co-op multiplayer quests via local or online play with up to three other hunters.

Expanding on the dynamic combat system are the new additions of Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts, which allow for unique, personalised playstyles with every new character. Hunting styles provide four varied methods of attack, allowing players to battle monsters in whatever way gives them the best hunting experience. Additionally, Hunter Arts are visually stunning special abilities such as spectacular attacks, field skills and power-ups that hunters with any style or weapon can equip, allowing for a wide range of combinations to experiment with. These additions make Monster Hunter Generations the most varied and customisable entry in the series yet.

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Free monthly downloadable quests and content every first Friday of the month will support the game through to the end of the year. These fresh content packs will present new challenges, and allow players to equip hunters and Felynes with special themed collaboration costumes and weapons based on popular series such as Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Okami and more.