SNK Playmore released a new trailer highlighting another trio of characters whom are part of the massive 50 fighter roster of the upcoming King of Fighters XIV.


Team South Town features:

Geese Howard is the powerful CEO of Howard Connection and controls South Town from the shadows. Well-versed in ancient Japanese martial arts, he is skilled in reversing his opponent’s attacks against themselves.

With his loyalty towards Geese Howard, Billy Kane is the right-hand man of Howard Connection. He is able to repel enemies with his long range stick fighting. He’s earned himself the nickname Walking Weapon.

Hein is another member of Howard Connection. Although modest, mild-mannered, and seemingly never breaks his polite tone, he does have a sadistic side. He fights in a style known as Gambits with beautiful moves named after chess terminology.

SNK Playmore will release additional videos and details about KOFXIV as we near the game’s release.

King Of Fighters XIV releases on August 23rd and 26th in North America and the UK respectively for PS4.