Good morning/evening GGS readers! I’m back this week with another One Hour Tour. This time, I’d figured I’d play a favorite of mine: Amplitude.


For this video, you’ll see part of the game’s campaign. While it doesn’t feature a meaty career like story mode, you’ll see an experience where a person’s brain is growing and discovering new parts of itself. I’ve felt it was a pretty neat touch. I had already finished it way back in December, but I had missed one song, so I had restarted it a few months back in order to unlock all songs.

Seeing as I was looking to stream something different, I’d figure continuing my second run of Amplitude’s campaign would be a nice alternative. This One Hour Tour takes place about 1/4 into the “story”.

This video was done on Intermediate difficulty. As you’ll see some tracks crank up the difficulty a bit. I’m pretty comfortable with this setting, so I hope to tackle Advanced at some point. I use to kill it on Advanced way back when on the PS2 version of this game. Not playing it for over 10 years made my skills rusty.

Hope you enjoy!