Pac Man Championship Edition 2 looks set to join the previous CE games in being wackier than the one before. Both the original Championship Edition and its sequel DX+ added extra varieties to the classic ‘ghost muncher’, and this newly announced sequel is set to continue the trend.

Building on from the chain-munching that DX+ introduced, CE2 encourages building up four ghost trains and stringing them together for an even more satisfying combo-munch. Back when I was addicted to DX+, those ghost chains were super fun to nail down and I imagine this enhancement will make them all the more awesome.


Beyond that, there are several map changes that can be spotted in the trailer. Of note are layered mazes, catapult points, ghosts that can be knocked back and some sort of mega-ghost boss that can be bashed into for all the points.

Pac Man Championship Edition 2 is currently in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s set for release through digital stores on September 2016.