If you like your mechs with a healthy dose of pew-pew, then two special weekends are lined up for your PS4 and Xbox One.

Titanfall 2’s Open Technical Test Weekends (or open beta in the Queen’s English) kick off this Friday on August 19 2016, with two weekends of free access to the multiplayer action in the game. Being a beta, there are bound to be several niggles and hiccups, but it’s a small price to pay for getting an early glimpse ahead of an October release.

On the first weekend, there’ll be two modes to play:

Bounty Hunt is a new 5v5 mode for the sequel, being a normal 5v5 but adding in the Remnant Fleet as a third force. Points earned from killing grunts have to be banked before dying, otherwise they are lost.

Pilots vs. Pilots is very much what it says on the tin. No grunts, just you pilots in an 8v8 match. I guess it’s your well known Team Deathmatch in other games, except with…y’know… robots.

The second weekend adds in a third mode called Amped Headpoint, which is designed to be a twist on the original game’s Hardpoint Domination. In this mode, defending a Hardpoint will let you amp it, giving your team double score. Team work is the key to securing victory.

Titanfall 2 is due for release on October 28 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 28.