505 Games and indie studio Pipeworks have released Prominence Poker on Xbox One. During launch week, the game will be highlighted in the Xbox Summer Spotlight which features the summer’s most exciting games.

“Prominence Poker presents a unique, unparalleled poker game experience with an engaging storyline, colorful cast of characters, and highly stylized, gritty environments,” said Lindsay Gupton, President of Pipeworks. “After two years of development, we’re excited to share the experience of high stakes, backroom poker with the Xbox community.”


The game lets players create their own characters and enter the city of Prominence and seek out fame and fortune with high stakes poker games in a gambling utopia founded by crooked goons. By building their reputation through defeating cunning factions in Prominence, players will have the opportunity to go up against The Mayor.

Prominence Poker is now available on Xbox One as a free download (with micro transactions).