Hot off the heels of TennoCon 2016, the first game convention dedicated exclusively to Warframe and its community, comes the latest update. The update is already available for PC with consoles to follow soon.

First teased during TennoLive (which can be seen above) at TennoCon 2016, the newly-released Titania Warframe proves that sometimes smaller is better. With the ability to shrink down in size, flying about the map with her built-in Archwing, Titania can eviscerate enemies with swarms of razor-winged butterflies and a unique set of Abilities.


Major highlights from The Silver Grove Update for PC include:

  • New Warframe: Titania
  • New Lunaro Improvements
  • New Glyph System

The update is available for PC and will hit PS4 and Xbox One in the near future.