For this year’s EGX event, Bandai Namco is bringing two new games which are going to be playable for the first time in the UK.

First off is the highly anticipated Tekken 7. The newest entry in the long running franchise will be showcased in a tournament allowing visitors able to play the latest version of the game, which is scheduled to release next year. The latest build features a roster of over 30 characters including Akuma from the Street Fighter series.


The other game making its UK debut will be Little Nightmares from developer Tarsier Studios. EGX attendees are encouraged to look out for the specifically designed booth which will absorb players in this wonderful experience. Help the character Six to escape a place known as The Maw in this dark and mysterious setting which has been described as Pixar meets Tim Burton.

EGX 2016 takes place from September 22nd to the 25th.