505 Games and Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni have finally released Assetto Corsa for PS4 and Xbox One.

Assetto Corsa features pure physics realism of driving with unparalleled accuracy across every aspect of the game, from the meticulous car handling to tracks developed using laser scan technology.

With Laser Scanning Technology, every single detail of the track has been reproduced with the maximum level of precision that guarantees that every single bump, curb and slope is a perfect match to the real counterpart.


Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned automotive manufacturers and racing circuits, this racing sim features accurately modeled high-performance vehicles from such prestigious marques as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and many more.

Within the next few months, Assetto Corsa players will have the opportunity to grab DLC packs bringing the most accurate experience across both classic and new models.