What we knew for a while as the PlayStation NEO, the supercharged PS4 has finally been revealed, dated and priced.

Called the PlayStation 4 Pro, it’s set to be a graphical powerhouse that’ll enhance PS4 games that support the additional oomph. Importantly, there’ll be no separation of games between the two machine. A game built for the PS4 Pro will also work on the normal PS4. One disc for one game.

Alongside the upcoming PS4 Slim, here are the prices and dates:


Improvements from the PS4 Pro surround four key pillars:

  • 4K
    • If you happen to own a 4K TV, then the PS4 Pro will deliver all of that extra tasty pixels in full quality.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    • Whilst this will be supported to some degree on the normal PS4, the PS4 Pro will also provide a colourful boost that HDR support provides. Again, this is dependant on you having a compatible TV.
  • Improvements for HDTVs
    • If you don’t have a 4K/HDR TV, no worries. The extra processing power will deliver a smoother game for you regardless.
  • PlayStation VR
    • PS4 Pro is also said to deliver improved performance when the Virtual Reality headset releases.

As both machines are dated and priced, expect pre-orders for the two units to open up very soon. As soon as we hear more about the PS4 Pro, we’ll keep you updated.