505 Games and Variable State released a new cinematic trailer for Virginia, which is set to launch on September 22nd for Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Additionally, the developer released a demo for Windows PC and Apple macOS which is available to download via Steam.


The new trailer highlights the game’s cinematic presentation. Captured from real-time gameplay, the trailer offers a new look at Virginia in motion, featuring some of the beautiful locations and memorable characters that players will encounter as they delve deeper into the mysteries contained within.

Directed by seasoned game creators Jonathan Burroughs and Terry Kenny, Virginia takes a striking, unconventional approach to videogame storytelling, by bringing cinematic editing into the context of a real time game experience. Jump cuts, match cuts, dissolves and montages, commonplace in motion pictures, are rarely used in games outside of cutscenes. Virginia treads a different path, expanding the conventions of first person adventure games, by seamlessly weaving the fabric of cinema directly into its gameplay.