Take your Pokémon training even further on September 16 with the Pokémon GO Plus, a £35 add-on that lets you catch ’em without having to look at your smartphone.

The device is compatible with both iOS and Android and can be worn as a bracelet or a pin. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, letting you know when you’ve reached a PokéStop or if a Pokémon is nearby through LED and vibration.


At a Pok̩Stop, the Plus will vibrate and the light will flash blue Рall you have to do is push the button to collect your items!

When a Pokémon is near, it will vibrate and flash green. Get close enough and push the button to throw a Poké Ball – if you’re successful, it will flash and vibrate again.

Pokémon GO Plus is available for pre-order today from the Nintendo Official UK Store.