Nintendo has confirmed that Dragon Quest VII will make its debut in Europe a week from this week Friday, on September 16th.

Rebuilt from the ground-up in 3D, DQVII features Auster and Prince Kiefer who must travel through time in order to save the fate of their world in Fragments of the Forgotten Past.

Auster, Prince Kiefer and friends can be customised with over 50 different vocations, allowing them to specialize in a variety of classes that allow players to take more control of the battlefield. From Warrior to Mage to Martial Artist, each brings new strategies to the fight, and through the use of special items, heroes can even take on Vocations that allow them to fight as monsters, such as Dragon Quest’s memorable slime enemy.


Players can also discover, befriend, and collect over 200 types of monsters to help grow their personal Monster Meadow. By populating the Meadow with monsters found throughout time, players can eventually send monsters out on scouting missions into special caves that can’t be explored by humans in order to find traveler’s tablets that grant access to special new dungeons. Additionally, players can download exclusive tablets that provide additional dungeons where extremely powerful monsters and rare weapons are waiting to be discovered.