Fellow Harry Potter fans, rejoice!

It’s certainly a great time to be a HP fan, what with the launch of the Cursed Child play in London (it’s brilliant, go see it if you can) and a batch of short stories published online, there’s plenty magic out there for all of us.

Now we are set to enjoy another batch of magical greatness, this time in the form of blocks and minifigs.


The two LEGO Harry Potter games that were released back on the PS3 and other formats are to be repackaged and remastered together the LEGO Harry Potter Collection for the PS4.

The collection will cover all seven years of Harry’s adventures in Hogwarts and also includes the Character and Spell DLC packs to bring together the complete LEGO Harry Potter collection.

The collection is due for release on October 21 and will be priced at £39.99 in the UK. Details on other regions and other formats are yet to be confirmed.