BioWare has revealed that Mass Effect Andromeda’s leading male and female characters are brother and sister.

Previously Mass Effect games offered the choice, but in each you played as the same character, either a male or female version of Commander Shephard.

Talking to our friends at PlayStation Access, BioWare creative director Mac Walters confirmed the news, adding that the N7-armoured character that premiered at E3 a couple of years ago is, in fact, your character’s father.

“We’re seeing our male character, at E3 we got to see our female character,” Walters said. “A little surprise here – these two are actually brother and sister. They both exist in the game world at the same time.

“If you’re playing as the female Ryder, your brother is out there somewhere in the universe.

“The character we saw two E3s ago, the N7, is actually your father. So we have got the full Ryder family revealed. We’ll do names and things in the future.”

Our first peek at Andromeda’s gameplay came yesterday at Sony’s press event.

Late last year, a source leaked information about Mass Effect Andromeda after it was revealed at E3 2015.