505 Games has released Ember, the 10-year passion project of N-Fusion Interactive. The game pays tribute to beloved PC RPG classics such as Baldur’s Gate.

Ember’s story revolves around powerful fallen stars called Embers. An ancient race of druids known as Lightbringers used the Embers to fill the land of Domus with light, but people began hunting and using the power of the remaining Embers to grow stronger. With the Embers now a limited resource and Domus in a constant state of conflict, players take up the mantle of the Lightbringer, newly resurrected to protect the world from darkness in an epic adventure with more than 30 hours to experience.

Ember’s key features include:

  • Over 20 distinct and handcrafted environments with 70 unique quests, hundreds of NPCs, and deep and branching storytelling in an old-school RPG style
  • Party-based real-time combat with tactical pause enabled for players looking to plan their next attack with over 65 combat abilities at their disposal
  • A group of companions who travel with the Lightbringer – each with their own unique backstory
  • An in-depth crafting system with more than 150 items to create, ranging from freshly-baked bread to newly forged magical weapons

Ember blends the style, elements, and adventures of classic RPGs with N-Fusion’s 3D engine. It’s available for Windows PC on Steam for £6.99 / $9.99 at regular price, but it’s 15% off until September 16, so visit the Steam store now to catch it on sale!