Sony’s latest major PS4 system update arrives today with much-anticipated folders, along with several more features designed to enhance user experience.

Update 4.0 includes a refreshed UI. The What’s New feed has a polished layout allowing you to interact with posts more quickly. Notifications are sleeker and new system backgrounds are available.

The Quick Menu, which pops up when you press and hold the PS button, has been streamlined to allow customization and make it easier to see who’s online, adjust your music and audio, and access your most used features without leaving your game.

The Share button now makes live broadcasting and sharing content on social media easier, and Twitter videos have been increased to 140 seconds. Profile customization has also been updated with the ability to add a profile cover image.

New Library options have been added, allowing you to quickly see your purchase history or all content you currently have installed.


Perhaps the most anticipated feature of 4.0 is its folders. Arrange your games into folders via the Content Launcher and Library. Create a new folder, title it, and start adding games. Organize them however you like, whether it’s separating physical and digital titles, ordering games by genre, or creating a backlog folder for those games you plan to get around to playing. Editing, sorting, and deleting folders and their contents are all easy options as well.

Visit the official PlayStation blog and check the video below for even more details about update 4.0: