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Not so many years back no-one would have dreamt how you would be able to control a mobile phone with just a swipe of your finger. Of course, this does not just apply to smartphones but to other mobile devices, such as tablets, as well. Being able swipe has in many cases made it a lot easier to use mobile devices to play games. We often have a lot more control over the game as we play.

Swiping is not just useful when playing games on a mobile device either; it also comes in useful when reading an online magazine. The swiping action is similar to that of turning the pages of a traditional print magazine. This gives anyone reading a digital publication a traditional reading experienced enhanced for the digital age. It’s gaming where touchscreen devices have really come into their own though. We are going to take a look at some of the types of game where swiping on a touchscreen has enhanced the playing experience.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games lend themselves very well to being played using a touchscreen device. Being able to swipe makes it a lot easier to navigate the puzzles that the game entails. One of the best puzzle based games to play using a mobile device is Monument Valley. As you progress through the game you are tasked with changing the environment. It’s a fun and challenging experience.

Side scrolling platformer games

This type of game is sometimes not the easiest to play when you are using a touchscreen device. There are some games that are not easy to navigate without having the control of buttons. This does not apply to every game in this genre though. If you take a look at a game like Leo’s Fortune you can see that it is possible to be able to use a touchscreen to control activity such as jumping. In this particular game this involves swiping the right-hand side of the screen.

Role playing games

Some of the role playing games that have been designed for play on mobile devices have a real retro feel about them. Developers have taken the opportunity to opt for a more pixilated look. Some role playing games have not adapted well to being played without the use of a controller. This does not apply to games such as Reaper. Playing this game using a touchscreen actually makes it easier to complete controlled moves such as attacks, slashes and thrusts.

As you can see, the traditional types of game that people are used to playing have been adapted for use using a mobile device. Not every game is well suited to playing using a touchscreen; they rely on controls to bring out the best level of performance. The games we have concentrated on have been designed for mobile performance which gets the best out of them. The use of a swiping motion in these games actually makes them easier to play.