With Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 on the horizon, the leaders keep rolling in! Today, we have Peter the Great, “Emperor of All Russia”.

Peter accomplished more than enough to fill a history book, but he’s known for modernizing Russia, with an interest in international affairs that extended to every area of his reign. He expanded the nation’s naval capabilities in both trade and warfare, gained access to the Black Sea, and toured Western Europe in the Grand Embassy. He led a coalition against the Swedish Empire in the Great Northern War that led to Russian dominance over the Baltic region.

Peter’s notable intelligence and strong leadership led to significant advances in education, investments in industrial manufacturing, and improvements in trade relations. It’s no small wonder “the Great” was tacked onto his name.

Check out the trailer below to learn more about Peter and Russia.

True to Peter’s penchant for expansion, Russia’s special ability gives it extra territory when founding cities along with extra faith and production from tundra tiles. Peter can use his Grand Embassy ability to gain science or culture from trade routes to more advanced civilizations.

Russia’s unique unit is the Cossack, which replaces the weaker cavalry and can move after attacking. The Lavra is a Russian monastery that serves as the civ’s unique district, which adds a tile to a city’s culture border when you use a Great Person in that city.

If you want to widen your rule and take up more space on the map than your rivals, then Russa is your civ.


Lead your civilization to victory when Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 releases for PC on October 21. Visit the official site to learn more about all the available civilizations and to preorder the game.