There’s one thing you’ll want to remember when it comes to Final Fantasy 14: The game does love to celebrate seasonal events and it loves to celebrate it with style.

Halloween is, of course, no exception. Eorzea is currently celebrating All Saint’s Wake and it’s got a lot of tasty loot to share with adventurers if your inclination falls towards the demons of the dark.

If you happen to be adventuring within FF14 from October 19 at 08:00 GMT to November 1 at 14:59 GMT, then a very special quest will be waiting for you to celebrate All Saint’s Wake.

Simply teleport yourself over to Old Gridania, be higher than level 15 (making sure you’ve completed this quest), and seek out the Investigator here:



With all those in check, you’ll be in line to claim some really cool goodies for yourself and for your house or apartment!

A Vampire’s Vest offers a rather spooky look, whilst you’ll also be able to adorn your place of choice with some deliciously spine-tingling pumpkins! If you embrace the terror sufficiently enough, you might even manage to recruit a small minion to your side.



If you’ve not played Final Fantasy 14, then the level limitations of the free trial could easily see you up to this point if you want to use this as an excuse to check out the MMO (it gets this editor’s recommendation for sure). Check this link out to get started with a trial on PC. PlayStation gamers can check out the PS store for the trial there.