Recently, I was lucky enough to sit down and interview the people at, a streaming site that’s been gaining ground in the eSports world. What exactly does this site do, you ask? It essentially provides a gallery for multiplayer fans to upload and show off their best clips. Fifa, Call of Duty, Overwatch, doesn’t matter; as long as it shows you pwning a bunch of other players, you’re good to go.

Sound interesting? Read on…


What kind of products and services does offer?

“DingIt TV is focused upon premium gaming VOD and highlights. Utilizing our own video distribution and monetization technology, we are able to offer a unparalleled viewer experience and sustainable revenue for content creators.

A large part of our offering is through partner portals. These are co-branded areas of the site that act as a directory for our partners video content. This allows eSport teams, leagues, game developers and larger content creators to showcase their content effectively to the DingIt audience.”

How did DingIt start?

“DingIt was founded in 2014 and went “live” in early 2015 after the initial development of our video distribution technology. Development was started after our founder identified multiple inefficiencies that exist in traditional online video distribution and looked to streamline and improve both the viewer experience and commercial viability.”

Is there any particular eSport or game you guys focus on?

“At launch, DingIt was focused on the main eSport titles. As we have developed and grown both our content library and audience we have expanding our offering to be gaming content in general. One of the key differentiating factors of DingIt is that all content on the site has been vetted by staff prior to being made public. Our aim is to allow viewers find all the most entertaining gaming clips and highlights without needing to search through large volumes of user-generated content.”


What kind of technology are you using to provide a true HD service?

“Without getting too technical, we developed a new way to distribute video over the internet. By looking at a complete end-to-end solution, we were able to eliminate multiple inefficiencies within traditional system. As a result, we can provide high-quality streams on a global basis that minimise buffer, bandwidth, and stream delay while also reducing expensive operating costs. Combined, this allows Dingit to provide high-quality viewer experience while also providing a sustainable commercial offering to content creators.”

How are you building the sustainable gaming ecosystem?

“One of our core values is that while eSports and gaming is exploding in popularity and reach, we need to make sure it is done so in a way that doesn’t create a boom and bust situation. Thanks to our technology, we are able to maximise the value of content while minimising the cost of providing the service. Just as viewers can and should expect the best quality video on DingIt, content creators should be able to maintain both a stable and fair income for their work.

With the efficiencies of our platform, we can also make a lot more content viable – even for those partners with a smaller audience. The end result is more people are able to forge a career in content creation!”

What countries does your service cover?

We have global coverage.     



Are you a subscription based model, or do you charge a one off fee?

DingIt is primarily funded through video advertising. We do offer a subscription to remove video ads.

What benefits do your subscribers get?

Paid subscribers get access to all of our content without ads.

How do you work with content creators/eSports teams/influencers to ensure stable and long term income?

“When we are working with larger partners such as teams or leagues we offer a 3 point process to maximise their income and exposure. Firstly, we create a co-branded partner portal (such as – this acts a directory of all their content on DingIt and allows them to gain addition brand exposure.

For content, we pay both a flat fee for content license and a payment for video views the partner generates. The flat fee is based on the quality, quantity and diversity of content and is paid on a per video basis. For the payment on video views, we are slightly different to other platforms – rather than a % revenue share we pay a fixed CPM (based on geo) for video views the partner generates through either URL referrals or embedding the DingIt player. We use this system rather than a % as we want to pay our partners based on the factors they can control, content and audience, rather than factors we have to manage (advertising).

Additionally, we operate on a non-exclusive basis as standard and for the majority of our partnerships. This means that content creators can get paid by us and upload their content to other platforms. Our belief is that our user experience (for both creator and viewer) along with revenue model will mean that creators will want to direct their audience to DingIt.”


How do you ensure your viewers are getting only the best quality eSports content?

“All the content that is avalible[sic] on is viewed for quality by one of our staff before it is made public. We are quite flexible on the gaming content we feature with the primary question being “Is this entertaining?” You don’t need to be the most popular or large scale content creator to get some amazing videos, funny clips, fail moments, pro plays, interviews and more are all relevant.

A large part of what we do is seek out quality content and negotiate getting the content onto our platform!”

Tell me about your submitted user highlights – what kind of prizes can they win?

“We are currently running a competition where users can submit their gaming highlights for our staff to review. If their clip meets our T&C’s they are entered into a weekly competition where the winner gets $200. This is only half of the benefit of the competition, while there is only 1 winner a week we make contact directly with creators who have submitted great clips to sign partnership deals with them for regular content submissions.”

What kind of services/expansions are you planning to add to DingIt in the future?

“Watch this space! During September we refreshed the look and feel of much of the site ready to bring in some exciting new features. While I can’t go into details of everything we have planned, next up will be a full video tagging system to easily find and recommend great content!”


Any tips for people looking to get started filming and submitting their content?

“Definitely! Stay authentic to yourself and make content that YOU enjoy. Just because other people have had success in one game making one type of video (for example funny songs about League of Legends) doesn’t mean that is also going to be your niche. If you love playing Tetris and can make entertaining videos about it, go for it (ok, maybe Tetris isn’t the best idea)!!”

Are there any plans to diversify into other gaming content (for example, Let’s Plays) in the future?

“We are already in the process of diversifying our content. As I mentioned earlier, our primary aim is to find entertaining gaming videos regardless of the type of content or game title it is based on. As this continues, there is a clear goal to have some content that appeals to any viewer who visits the site!”


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