Firefly Studios has just released a free expansion for Stronghold Kingdoms. Dubbed Heretic, the content is now available as an update for PC and Mac versions allowing players to build kill streaks by crusading against the forces of evil or ‘go heretic’ and join them! Ally with fellow players and save medieval Europe or swear allegiance to series antagonist The Wolf.

Your Trojan faction has their complete trust, you’ve fought countless battles side by side and some even call you friend. Castles have been built together and enemies vanquished, but when the House Marshall reveals his plans for one final attack to take down their great rival you know it is time to strike. You offer to play a major role in the offensive and, at the last moment, you turn. One swift attack from behind enemy lines decimates the House Marshall, ending the war before it began.


Additionally, Stronghold Kingdoms: Heretic is a special game mode featuring classic Stronghold characters, new PvE gameplay and mechanics. It expands the traditional castle MMO experience with a fresh content update made available to all players for free.

“MMOs are in our blood, but sometimes you just want a cooperative experience. Traditional Kingdoms gameplay is hardcore PvP, making Heretic a completely different beast to vanilla Stronghold Kingdoms”, said Nick Tannahill, Marketing Manager at Firefly Studios. “We’re in the final stages preparing for the game’s cross-platform release on mobile and currently running a closed Alpha, but Heretic is our way of saying that new content is on its way.”

Players can join the fight against The Wolf in Stronghold Kingdoms: Heretic and pre-register for the upcoming mobile version on the official website.