Title: Fnatic Gear Clutch G1 Mouse
Manufacturer: Fnatic Gear
Release date: Late November (Pre-order from the Fnatic Store)
tl;dr: A perfect all round gaming mouse, and comfortable to boot.
Price: £60 / $70 / €70

The Fnatic Gear Clutch G1 Mouse is the perfect, professional, e-sports mouse. It doesn’t have some crazy design that makes the mouse look straight out of a sci-fi movie; the Fnatic Clutch keeps things simple, and focuses on performance and comfort.


I’m not much of a PC gamer – far from it – but this mouse made me a believer in playing games on one again. I usually struggle with PC gaming due to my disability; I was unfortunately born with familial tremors. This, unfortunately, causes my hands to endlessly shake, but this mouse gave me the freedom and control to play games against the more professional and adept players on PC. The mouse offers a strong and accurate precision when it comes to gaming and so it should being an e-sports grade mouse. For example, I can pull off precise headshots with a sniper rifle in Battlefield or easily pilot D.Va through an enemy stronghold with ease during a game of Overwatch.

I tried a variety of games during my experience with the Fnatic Gear G1 Mouse, I mentioned above about Battlefield and Overwatch, but those are just first person shooters. I felt the mouse needed to be tested on more than one genre, so I tried out Resident Evil Revelations and Dark Souls; I must say, the mouse performs just as well on those titles, I can explore Queen Zenobia’s dark, hostile and tense corridors with a steady aim, but also swift camera movements make sure that that creepy groan isn’t an Ooze sneaking up on me. Unfortunately, the G1 mouse couldn’t even save the bad port of Dark Souls.

The mouse is plug and play, avoiding all that nonsensical driver installation. In addition, it comes with its own personalised control panel, where you can customise the mouse to your liking. The freedom to decide what each button does on the mouse, the colour of the scroll wheel or customising the sensitivity of the mouse is just amazing; my scroll wheel flashes through the colour spectrum because I’m amused by the simple stuff.

To top all of this off, you get three profiles, and each of these can be cycled through with two buttons on the face of the mouse. This is handy for those who like different levels of sensitivity whilst playing shooters; say you’re camping out, sniping opponents across the map, but you see someone zip past and you need to quickly change up your sensitivity from precise to something that will let you quickly get those kills. A simple cycle through your previously set up profiles will make that a breeze.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an ambidextrous device, so you dear lefties will have to look elsewhere. The mouse touts a drag reduction cord, which helps when avoiding friction with your mouse mat or pad.


The performance matches the high expectations of Fnatic Gear. This is an incredibly precise piece of equipment that is equipped with the tried-and-true Pixart 3310 optical sensor that has been employed on many professional mice. It reads quick, subtle movements with a hundred percent accuracy, in addition to capturing long swipes. Its vitals include 50 to 5000 CPI resolution, up to 1000hz polling rate, and 30G acceleration, something that matches the needs of the PC gamer community and gives the player the accuracy they need.

Overall, the Fnatic Gear G1 Mouse is a perfect addition to the Fnatic Gear line and gives players the pin-point accuracy and comfort needed for those long gaming sessions. This mouse offers it all and competes with other products on the market, through performance and with a reasonable price amongst the competition. You can pre-order this amazing peripheral from the Fnatic Store for £60/$70/€70 depending where you live.

I cannot wait for you all to get your hands on one.


The Good

  • Comfortable over long play times.
  • Precise and accurate.
  • Various customisation options.

The Bad

  • May slip out of your hand.
  • No left-handed support.

Disclaimer: This review is based on the product provided by the manufacturer.