The world’s most popular gaming awards will be taking place next week, and the one place you’ll be able to watch it? Right over here on Youtube, streaming live:

Broadcasting from 3pm GMT on Friday, November 18, 2016, this is the only place you’ll be able to watch and see who gets those elusive Joystick gongs. The awards themselves will be hosted by James Veitch, one of Britain’s brightest emerging comedic talents described as “… ingenious” by the Independent and as having a “… wicked sense of humour” by the New York Times, but the Youtube stream will be lead by the UK’s first lady of gaming – Julia Hardy (BBC Radio 1, Sky News, SB.TV).

She’ll be showing off all the backstage goings on, and exclusive interviews with the winners, but in case you fancy seeing the show itself, for the first time in the thirty four years the awards have been running, you can! Get your tickets for just a tenner over here, but be warned; they’re limited and only on sale until Thursday, November 17.